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Speaker Series

The St. Martins Chamber of Commerce Speaker Series is a collection of four courses put on by industry experts. These courses are generally around two hours long and are entirely free for members to attend.

2022 Schedule

Date: April 12, 2022
Impact Wealth - Jeremy Ackerson

Health insurance and financial planning for small businesses. Impact Wealth offers an experience that treats clients like friends and family - with honesty, transparency and respect. To create a unique space that would give them access to the best financial solutions and exceptional service that would exceed their expectations and build life-long relationships along the way.

Date: April 26, 2022
Government New Brunswick: Tourism, Heritage, and Culture - Emilie Comeau-Sinclair

Geofencing and visitor data. Exploring travel motivators and how to leverage data collected by GNB to benefit your visitor's experience and your business. Analyzing the explorer quotient of the most common types of individuals coming to the Village of St. Martins so business owners in the area can better understand how to reach new and returning customers.

Presentation material available upon request. 

Date: May 10, 2022
Working NB - Ayman Jaouni

Financial aid and training funds for small businesses. Learn how to get 75% of fees for training! Business owners or staff can apply to Working NB to have 75% of registration fees, or fees to bring in a consultant. It's an easy application that has already benefited many in the community.

Date: May 24 2022
Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark - Catrina Russel

The Village of St. Martins sits in an EXTREMELY unique area. We are located in both the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Region and the Stonehammer UNECO Global Geopark. This is the only place in North America that two UNESCO designations overlap. Learn more facts like this and how UNESCO is involved with our community at Catrina's presentation.

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